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Leadership Development

Discover your leadership style and abilities. Are you looking to explore and/or improve any of the following leadership style:

  • Centered leadership

  • Facilitative leadership

  • Servant leadership

  • Shared leadership

  • Situational leadership

  • Strategic leadership

  • Traditional leadership

  • Transformational leadership


Team Development

Grow and set your team up for success:

  • Build team dynamic

  • Identify individual personalities and how they work well together

  • Develop strategic thinking

  • Develop strategic planning

  • Effective Execution of project



Achieve your goals and success through:

  • One to one coaching session(s)

  • Mentoring

  • Guidance

  • Confidence building activities

  • Step by step project management

  • Effective decision making process



I deliver the interactive workshops below based on my clients needs. Please contact me for more info on each of these sessions or any new session(s) you would like me to design for you.

  • Foundation of leadership

  • Habits of successful leaders

  • Leading with purpose

  • Public speaking

  • The art of effective communication

  • Emotional intelligence and its use

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Conflict management

  • Strategic thinking

  • Project management

  • Employability skills development

graduation speech.jpeg

Motivational Speech

Looking for ways to motivate professionals and group of aspiring leaders? A motivational speech session will:

  • Help individuals to explore their leadership journey

  • Discover their identity

  • Boost individual and team confidence

  • Inspire a group of professionals

  • Inspire a group of leaders and/or aspiring leaders

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